Writemotivation Update – a little late!

“But it’s Friday, not Monday!” you say.

Currently, the UK is suffering enjoying a glorious heatwave and nearly 3-week stretch of blue skies, sun, and 75-80 degree temps. My Weatherbug app currently tells me it’s 82 in Portishead. AMAZING. There have been short splashes of such loveliness over the past 6 years I’ve lived here; our wedding last year enjoyed summer-like qualities. But to go for this long without rain or clouds or the typical British chill has been so welcome!

FYI, this isn’t the UK. It’s Allegany State Park on our June visit.

It’s also made it difficult to focus for long indoors. Our flat has windows on only one wall and therefore little circulation, and of course, no AC. I am NOT complaining because this is the kind of weather I’m made for 🙂 but it does explain why I’ve been somewhat sluggish online.

So without further adieu, here is my update to Writemotivation July’s butt-kicking:

1. Finish paper revision of WIP. Done!
2. Read-through of revision changes. This has become, “Revise in entirety.” I’m going through, much quicker this time, catching silly errors and continuity problems, addressing a small laundry list of items to change, and I’ll get through this before the month’s end. Fingers crossed.
3. Send to 2 betas/CPs. This should happen by the end of the month, I hope!
4. Beta reading for J & A. Done! Now on to L’s MS which I’m 40% through 🙂
5. SOMEBODY new version x 5. Done!
6. Draft WIP synopsis. Done! And I’m pleased to say, I mustered the guts to share both with a CP.

So that’s it! We’re off to play volleyball in the 80-degree temps! Stay cool, people 🙂 Good luck with your monthly goals, if you’re taking part in #Writemotivation!

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