#WriteMotivation May Update 1



I hope wherever you are, you’ve had weather as beautiful as we’ve (FINALLY) had here in the SW of England. For the past week it’s been nothing but blue skies and 55+ degree temps. If you’re in the south of the USA or California or something, I know that doesn’t sound impressive. But believe me… we’ve had the wettest, most miserable winter/spring, breaking all kinds of records with its rubbish-ness. I’ve been in the UK for 6 years now and this year’s weather has been complete pants. So I am LOVING the recent breakthrough!

We’re back to a #Writemotivation month, so here’s my first update for May. If you’re unfamiliar, then by golly, take a moment of time to acquaint yourself with the awesome group of writers, corralled by our fearless leader K.T. Hanna. It’s a group of encouraging, supportive, and frenzied (but in a good way) writers posting their writing (and other) goals for the month and helping to cheer one another on.

How better to start a writemotivation month than to visit Greenway, the Devon summer home of Agatha Christie? That’s the lovely house in the photo above that the Scotsman and I visited over this past May bank holiday weekend (for you Americans, that’s a national holiday… don’t know why they call it a bank holiday because certainly more than banks are shut, but then, my bank in town is hardly open on a normal week, but that’s another kettle). Luckily, the house is owned by the National Trust and because we’re thirty-somethings going on eighty, we are card-carrying members and got to roam the gardens and house for free. (Love roaming NT properties). They even had gowns and shoes of Christie’s in her closet, which was kinda neat to see.

Anyhow, on to my goals for the month:

1. Second draft of WIP complete.
2. Finish final revisions on SOMEBODY…

Very lofty 😉 A year ago this month, I bit off way more than I could chew by setting insane goals for the month in which I got married. So this time around, I’m going easy on myself. I’m already done with #2.

On to my first revision of my WIP. Good luck this month, everyone! 🙂


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