WIPMarathon Check-In #7

Oh my goodness. How the heck has another week gone by already?

Only because it's dark, cold, rainy, and miserable in the UK right now, and I'd rather be back in Corfu.
Only because it’s dark, cold, rainy, and miserable in the UK right now, and I’d rather be back in Corfu.

Last Check-in: As I’ve mentioned, I’ve not really focused on the REAL WIP this WIP Marathon :-/ I’ve been polishing another MS after CP feedback (*lovely* CP feedback) inspired me to several small but intertwining changes, which have built one upon another. So no new words on the space opera, which might get set aside now another new idea anyhow. For now.

WIP Issues this week: No real issues. Just the fact that it’s taking me forever to be able to feel done with this other MS. But it’s all good, forward movement.

What I learnt this week in writing: That I have to go with my own particular set of abilities and gifts and ideas, and not let what anyone else does sway me off that path.

What distracted me this week while writing: Going bananas over my pitch wording for Pitch Wars kept me busy 3 days this week, but when I finally felt peaceful about it, I realised I could’ve done much earlier had I just backed up and eased off on the desire to cram EVERYTHING in.

But cool things that happened? I Facetimed not only with my lovely, encouraging, and supportive Pitch Wars mentor, Tina Moss, but also finally with my CP Joy! It made my week to speak with her! 🙂

Last 200 words: Nunya. Or really, none, as I’ve been editing!

Not long now. I know I won’t make my original goals, but I think coming to a conclusion on what to focus on next, with an outline, will be doable still. We shall see. Thanks for tuning in!

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