So this weekend my goal is to begin moving my blog over via wordpress.org to a new domain with a new name and new everything. I’m a bit scared, to be honest, as I’ve only just started this one up, and I’m asking all those newbie questions: will it be worth paying for? Do I blog enough to make the hassle worth it? Will anyone follow me? Etc. etc. But while I’ve enjoyed using wordpress.com, I feel it’s a bit limiting and I see other people doing nifty things with their websites I’d like to do with mine, that I gather can be done when you’re paying for it 😉

Considering new horizons… and URLs, believe it or not!

I’m going to give it a try, and for anyone out there reading this, I’ll post an update before I move across (if I can figure out how all this works) and let you know. Still undecided on the new URL/username. Thinking either cheyennecampbell.com, or aleapinthedark.com, or  chylucampbell, or something similar. Not sure whether it’s best to use my name as the URL, or my blog name, or maybe an abbreviated version of my name. Ahh! Decisions. 🙂


Peace out for now!

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