Down to business

That door could go *anywhere*. Imagining where it’ll lead is fantastic. But eventually you have to get off your butt and find out.

After months of editing, re-reading, editing, and re-reading some more until I find another 200 things to edit, I’m setting my first manuscript aside. I recently changed the tense from past to present, and in doing so, believe I found lots of areas in which to strengthen the story. The characters, their motivations, and the story arc. I’m sure I could work on it til Kingdom Come, but the truth of the matter is, there are way more stories in me. As much as this first (completed) one is my baby, it’s time to get moving on another.


It’s been on the backburner for months. I came up with the basic premise last March, and now a year later, it’s only a halfway-done draft. If that. I worked on it extensively during NaNo this year and reached the word count, but it still has so far to go. It’s weird. I feel the same way about working on a painting: I am so excited to see it done, and I have such hope for where it can go, and really feel it can be something special. But it’s the actual sitting down and working on it that I find so difficult.

Why is it sometimes SO hard to do the very things we want to do the most?

To anyone reading this, I wish you the best in tackling that project – whatever it may be – that you KNOW can be great but you’re almost afraid to focus on it, as though your attempts might not live up to your projected hope for it. Don’t let those nagging, evil, bloodthirsty hurdles stop you from just sitting down and working. Because the only thing they want from you is to stop you doing it at ALL. Don’t listen to them. 🙂 I’ll try not to, too.

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