I received a Kindle for my birthday two days ago from my incredibly thoughtful, generous, and wonderful other half. All the books in my TBR pile, however, are now jealously eyeing the shiny new technology sitting beside my bed. I’ve yet to download a book for it but grabbed samples of several that I’ve been meaning to put in my TBR pile for ages. THE HUNGER GAMES (Suzanne Collins), BUT I LOVE HIM (Amanda Grace), and A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE (George R.R. Martin) are currently being sampled, and in the physical pile clamouring for my attention are ONE DAY (David Nichols), RETURN OF THE KING (I’ve just reread the trilogy for about the 5th time), and INCARCERON (Catherine Fisher).

Needless to say, with that stack and the most recent round of revisions nearly complete on my first novel, and plotting my second, it may be awhile before anything else is posted on here. Especially since I’m about to start August’s Camp NaNoWriMo (


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