Pitch Wars: Result

January’s nearly OVER. How did that happen?

With time flying by so fast, I think revisiting the goals I set for 2013 isn’t a bad idea. Overall, mine are going pretty well, with most of my focus on the biggie: self-control, self-discipline, one thing at a time. I’ve had to tweak a few, for practicality, but I’m feeling more confident about these then I did at the month’s start, so that’s something, right? How are yours going?

Glastonbury Tor on a January day
Glastonbury Tor on a January day

I want to publicly (again) thank Brenda Drake for organising and running Pitch Wars and #PitMad, and to my mentor who chose me as an alternate, Elizabeth PenneyShe gave me some invaluable feedback and encouragement, and helped me write a 35-word pitch, which I would’ve previously said was impossible! Thanks also to Summer Heacock for hosting us alternates. Because of this contest, I received two partial requests from agents that I’m REALLY excited (and nervous…) about, and from my #PitMad pitch, I received one request for 10 pages which turned into a full request.

I know all these steps help me to tighten my manuscript along the way, so regardless of the outcome I want to continue feeling positive about this progress! Plus, I made some great new writer friends and get to read their work, so that’s a big bonus. 🙂

I’ll let you know how it goes. I highly recommend entering Pitch Wars next time around. I learned a lesson about contests for writers, though. I nearly wrote them off awhile back, but I have to admit that was due to entering the wrong ones.

It’s amazing that anyone takes the time run these things – it’s got to be stressful to the max. But it’s a fact that not every contest is for every writer, nor should it be. Even contests that say they’re open to all genres might be leaning towards one specific genre (*cough*YA*cough*) so it helps to do your homework and see who’s going to be involved. I learned from every contest I’ve entered in the past, but I got myself in a right ol’ tizzy from having entered ones that are KNOWN for being bent towards genres I’m not presently writing. Lesson learned. It was great to be part of one that truly was welcoming to many genres.

And I leave you with Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. This is my all-time favourite (non-text-adventure) PC game with a sequel coming out next year. I replayed it over Christmas and fell in love all over again. The environments are gorgeous (and haven’t dated), and the voice actors brilliant, and the music . . . sigh. I love the music. Check out this and the other tunes by the fantastic Leon Willet, and play the game if you haven’t! It’s some of my favourite writing tunes. Enjoy!



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