Web surfing morning-after guilt, or inspiration?

Abandoned structures, particularly when surrounded by nature that’s trying to reclaim its real estate, are a big inspiration for me. This one’s in Snowdonia.

I realise we’re already on day 8 of August, but I’m going to post my writing goals for the month. This #writemotivation goal-posting habit I’ve is now becoming vital to upping my productivity. So I’ll just carry on and see if I can attain the same level of …a-hem… self-discipline (I can hear you snorting. I know… last month wasn’t a winner for me in how much I checked off my list, but I DID make some important progress).

So, what do I plan to accomplish by the end of this month? A much shorter list. This:

  1. Write to the halfway point of my WIP’s first draft.

That’s it. No overinflated idealistic notions of reading X amount of blogs, replying to emails in a daily, timely fashion (some of you have been waiting quite awhile – I seem to have an inbox/ADHD problem lately, and I do apologise! I read emails, plan replies in my head, and then, oh! Look! It’s not raining, I better go for a run! I’m so sorry!).

No pushing myself with a specific word count or hours spent writing per day. I would love to be like Stephen King and promise to have my first draft completed in 3 months (or was it 3 weeks? It’s been awhile since reading ON WRITING. Loved it, though. This made me laugh until I cried for a full twenty minutes one day, much to my husband’s confusion).

Last month I managed to finally squeeze out a synopsis from start to finish, making some major changes to my WIP and its world. Great! Now I need to implement so I aim to get to the midpoint (described in my new synopsis) – no matter how many chapters that makes it. If I can get to that point, I’ll be thrilled with myself. I’ll keep you posted.

As for the blog title, I love hearing about random things that inspires others – and by inspire I mean infuse your mind with scene and setting inspiration, character motivation, storylines, images … AS WELL AS the stream-of-consciousness clicking for which we all tend to have a bit o’ morning-after guilt.

Example: I just completely nerded out for the last 2.5 hours pouring over websites about the London Underground’s disused stations, abandoned buildings, old signage, and so forth, and this lead me to a whole host of articles and websites about air raid shelters during the Blitz which then lead me to read up on one of my favourite films and books, ATONEMENT (Ian McEwan), and Balham Station (who can forget that horrifying scene), and then I thought I’d check up on what Saorise Ronan and Romola Garai are up to over on IMDb. One thing leads to another and then I’m faced with the fact that I stopped writing about 3.5 hours ago.

I won’t go into too much detail, but it did remind me of how certain images seem to have greater power than others – not just to evoke emotions during films, a la the Balham Station scene in Atonement, but also to create one little idea that leads to another that leads to another that inevitably inspires a whole world in our head.

It reminded me of an article we read on my film course at uni by Barbara Klinger about the “arresting image” in film, referencing The Piano shortly after we watched that. (BTW, I just re-read this article now, 5 years later, and it reminds me of how much I wish I could get paid to analyse films from a theoretical standpoint for a living). So while I might feel guilty in the morning that I didn’t get as much writing done as I’d hoped tonight, I acknowledge there are times where this clicking around has triggered integral fodder for my imagination. Just don’t get too carried away, or you’ll be like me and wonder how WW2 research and the London Underground brought you here.


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