Write Motivation Mega-Post! May & June

Well, hello there, puffin!


Yes, it’s a gratuitous puffin, but he’s still adorable, isn’t he? I kinda lost the plot with the end of May’s #writemotivation as it was our first wedding anniversary (which also means it’s been over a year since I started participating in #writemotivation! Woohoo!). We flew up to Glasgow and took the train to Oban for a tour of Mull, Staffa, and Lunga (Inner Hebridean islands) for the express purpose of seeing puffins!

And that we did. I took over 200 photos of puffins, mostly from about 2-3 feet away. They’re absolutely adorable, and on Lunga, they practically nip at your toes. They’re the sweetest creatures I’ve ever seen, and I could’ve watched them for much longer than the 2 hours we had. The tour group (Turus Mara) call that part of the tour “puffin therapy” with good reason. It’s quite soothing to watch them waddling around and posing 🙂 A lot of travel to see these little guys, but we’ve tried before on a different tour and failed, so this was well worth it!

We were away for 4 days and while I did get some writing done in that time, blogging about it didn’t happen. So I’m here to say, I *nearly* finished my goals. I had 2 for May, and the one I nearly finished was my first revision of my WIP. I finished the first draft in April, and I wanted to have a complete edit done in May. I fell about 4 chapters short, but I will have completed this by the end of tomorrow. I can live with that.


Fingal’s Cave, on the isle of Staffa. Fascinating place!

And on to my June #Writemotivation Goals:

1) Complete Revision #2 (paper revision) of WIP. The first pass this month was just to tidy up some nonsensical sections, fill in some gaps, and generally smooth it over. This time I need to crack down on back story and passive voice! I hope to print out my WIP in its entirety on Tuesday/Wednesday to get started. I’ve never done this before – never did it with my first MS (which may go some way to explaining its thus far lack of success).
2) Find 2 CPs/betas willing to read as soon as this revision is done! I believe I have two of these already 😀
3) Rewrite synopsis. This will be the last thing I do this month, after I’ve done Revision #2 and cleaned it up a bit.

I have high hopes for this month, despite the fact that I’ve got a rather large, exciting distraction for the last 2 weeks of the month. That means I need to work SUPER HARD for the first 2 weeks. We’ll give it a go.

A friend mentioned the Pomodoro Technique which I’d never heard of before, but I’ve certainly seen those little tomato kitchen timers enough. I downloaded a free app and I started it today. I work much better to a timer, I discovered, probably for purely psychological reasons. Check it out if you think you could use a bit of help with time management!

And good luck this month! 😀


McCaig’s Tower in Oban

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