Time & energy are precious commodities

Castles. I like castles. I’m excited for my wedding in this one. I’ll focus on that instead of the people who want to tell me I should do x, y, and z at said wedding.

I don’t “like” a lot of celebrities/public people on Facebook. Facebook used to be a place where you simply listed the things you liked, but it turned into a thing where everything you could possibly like has it’s own page. That means if I “like” Gary Oldman, then it will link me to his page. If I like avocados, it will link me to an avocado page. If I like lint balls, it will probably link me to a page for that. I’m not a fan of this set up, so I stopped “liking” things for the most part. But every now and then I think it’s worth it to be kept in the know of whatever I’m “liking”.

I recently read through the majority of books by a certain author and I’ve really enjoyed them and been inspired by the author’s success, as the genre is similar the the genre of my first complete manuscript. The books are easy reads and remind me it can be done, and they’re enjoyable, so I decided to “like” the author. I know little about her personally. What I like are her books, not necessarily her, and come to find out, given her snarky comments of late, I don’t think I like her. At least, not the way she’s portraying herself via her platform.

This is no biggie. I’ve “unliked” her. I still love her books and will continue to buy them, but the fact is her comments on her FB page are childish, so I’ve moved on. No harm done. But it got me to thinking… the hundreds and thousands of comments her snark has generated made me stick in my own $.02 (probably for worse, not better). What I said was this:

How about don’t spend your energy on things or people you don’t like. Simple as that. Move on. Time is limited on this earth and it seems a silly thing to me to spend it dwelling on things that a) don’t involve you and b) don’t appeal to you. Bizarre concept otherwise.

This wasn’t aimed purely at the author, but moreso at all the commenters who felt the need to vehemently agree with the author (my guess, so as to do a bit of ass-kissing). Lots of bickering going on. You know the drill, on any online forum where the public can make asses of themselves present their opinions. 😉 It was aimed at me, too.

Time really is limited. It’s the most precious thing we have. The energy we have to spend in this time, and the amount we have is numbered. As my favourite quote goes, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us” (Tolkien). Only God knows what that number is, and we can’t even afford to spend time guessing.

It’s a lesson to me, more than anyone. I’ve done what this author’s done, what these commenters have done. I’m as guilty, if not moreso. But I don’t want to waste any more time dwelling on things I’m not happy about, people who have upset me, things that don’t appeal to me. Everyone does it — it’s so hard not to! We see something controversial in the media and we gripe about it for days… or even just a few minutes, which is still pointless. Turn the channel! Read a book! Cook dinner! WRITE! Sure, we all have our opinions, but sometimes I find I let those opinions–or hurt feelings, or offended sensibilities–take over and distract me from something positive I could be doing.

I don’t just mean in regards to what People magazine says about celebrity X, but I’m talking about friends, co-workers, family. It’s very hard and I doubt anyone does it perfectly. But it was a good reminder, especially in the midst of upcoming nuptials where there are likely to be more opinions shared with me that I would rather have nothing to do with. Time is limited.

Challenge today, for me and you, if you so choose 🙂 Hear something you don’t like, or someone brings up a topic you’re not interested in, or offended by? Don’t dwell on it. Deal with it insofar as it impacts you or is directed at you, then use your precious energy for the things you DO enjoy/love/appreciate. Easier said than done, I know.

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