WIPMarathon Check-In #8

Last Check-in: Ugh.

Current: *sigh*

WIP Issues this week: As I’ve said, this entire WIP Marathon, I’d planned to kick out the first draft of something that had been brewing while I tied up loose ends up on my last MS. And yet, the ENTIRE Marathon, I’ve done nothing but revisions for that other MS. I got basic plotting and world building done for my space opera, but honestly, I think even that will sit and wait. Since I wasn’t working on a new WIP as planned, general issues this week have been with myself. Those little voices that whisper things like, “You’re delusional if you think this is ever going to happen.” Reading amazing published books that make me feel like a child in a Fisher Price kitchen or workbench, trying to imitate her parents. That’s how I’ve felt lately. Immersive, wonderfully written books inspire me, don’t get me wrong. But at the same time, they’ve been making me feel like it could take another 10 manuscripts before I write “the one.” If I ever do. And I just can’t deal with that kind of negativity. This year is about being happy, being hopeful, and being positive.

So that little voice can keep on whispering, and while I may listen to it for a minute, an hour, or a day, the next day I expect to get up and get back to work, trying to better myself and my craft little by little. Because the people who make it are the ones who don’t give up, and I don’t plan to give up.

What I learnt this week in writing: Not so much something I learned this week, but something I’m learning all the time: subjective, subjective, subjective. I have a few friends whose stories were also in Pitch Wars, and they received NO requests from participating agents. These stories are well-crafted, engaging, entertaining, and stories I’d pick off a shelf and buy. It’s never down just to talent, unique ideas, great dialogue, intriguing descriptions, perfect grammar, developed characters, complete arcs, etc. You could have all of that but if the agent in question already has something similar, or isn’t into spies or succubi or secretaries or whatever your story is about, then you’re out of luck. And that’s just how the industry rolls. It’s a harsh reality.

This was a fun distraction as well: tickets to my double-date with Gimli and "I" :)
This was a fun distraction as well: tickets to my double-date with Gimli and “I” 🙂

What distracted me this week while writing: Pitch Wars. Burns Night yesterday, though we don’t need a reason to eat haggis in our house. I LOVE it 🙂 Not much else exciting happened, apart from I allowed myself to watch Star Trek: Nemesis for the first and last time. How I avoided knowing the ending for so long is beyond me, but I found it thoroughly upsetting.

Last 200 words: Alas, still revising. I think I’ll be ready to share words only after the marathon is finished, and this saddens me!

I haven’t achieved what I set out to on this marathon, but I’m SO glad I’ve participated because I’ve met some great people whose progress has been nothing short of inspirational, and I’m rooting for you all! 🙂


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