ChristMAS is all around us…

A Christmasy view from Glen Nevis, Scotland

First off, Christmas is soon, so MERRY¬†CHRISTMAS (that’s right, I didn’t say “Happy Holidays”) and I hope you (yes, you!) have a fantastic time with lots of cookies, food, drink, people, presents, movies, books.. whatever your thing is for this time of year. Since I’ve jumped the gun on my annual LOTR-marathon thanks to the new Blu-ray and home cinema my fiance’ recently bought (we had to test it out the best way I knew how ūüėČ I’ll be pulling out my other holiday favourites: Love Actually (who can resist Bill Nighy trying to get his Christmas number 1’s rhythm correct?), It’s a Wonderful Life, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and The Snowman.

One of my favourite gifts from last year was not the wine that came in this (though that was good, too!) but the Santa-wine-snuggie itself.

I plan to do a lot of writing over the season since we’re headed up to Scotland for 18 days and likely to be snowed in once we get there. *rolls up sleeves* Perfect time to make some killer headway on my work-in-progress, a fantasy (possibly YA, but still working that out… bit hazy as the MC is 17, but it’s not really focused on YA-type situations so much as her specific situation.. anyhow, more on that later) set in what might’ve once been Britain but is now very much overrun with magic gone wild, snarky unicorns, sexy hags (you read that right), and a desperate attempt to find a cure for the MC’s hometown, centuries-old magical plague that’s imprisoned them on their ruined island.

AND for fantastic news on a great Christmas contest, check out C.A. Marshall’s website:¬†

It’s “Editing Advent 2011” and she has graciously been giving a winner an editing prize a day! Go enter! And while you’re at it, check out her website, too. I just stumbled over¬†this inspirational post of hers¬†– there are many more!

On that note, I should get back to my WIP. Hope you have a lovely Christmas season <3

Yes, I have a giant red plush crab who likes to wear a Santa hat this time of year. Isn’t he the sweetest?
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