Okay, I’ve been tinkering with this for ages and making endless changes, and now I’ve decided the most likely way I’ll ever stick to a blog is by not overcommitting, which has long been one of my unfortunate traits (thanks to being a people-pleaser to a fault and to the detriment of my own sanity, a trait I’m trying hard to eradicate as we speak).

That means 1) keeping it as concise as possible, 2) not expecting to be on here every day (once a week is more like it), and 3) instead of having separate professional and personal websites, I’ve decided on just one.

I’m a fiction writer focused on publication and growth as I come to terms with where my amazing journey has brought me and where it’s taking me, one day at a time. I’m likely to be posting photos, links, quotes, and posts about being an American in the UK. And lots about writing. Lots and lots. So many blogs out there have been helping me on my journey as a writer, so rather than trying to compete with them (when so many people do it so well already, and I’d rather spend the majority of my time writing rather than writing ABOUT writing), I’ll just give them love by sending you to them 🙂

Please feel free to click on the Work tab to read about my CV and all that jazz. Thanks for stopping by!

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