In With the New


Hello and welcome to the last day of 2012! I hope you have exciting, peaceful, and/or relaxing plans for ringing in the New Year. Last year we spent it on the sofa watching TV at my mother-in-law’s and while this might not have been the most exciting, it was fitting for the year that was. This year we’re going out for a meal and some merry-making, and I’m hoping being a bit more active might be symbolic of the year to come ūüôā

I’m not going to lie. From my list of 25 goals for this past year, I crossed off 6 of them. That sounds pathetic except one of them was plan a wedding and get married, which I did (and we did :)) so I’m not complaining! But I do hope to be much more active this year. It felt like a lot of waiting and planning happened in 2012; a lot more doing for 2013, I think.

I thought I’d take some others’ leads and share a few of my goals, since reading their goals inspired me to focus on some realistic (but still challenging) ones, and yet also remind myself that life isn’t about checking things off for the sake of drawing that line. Productivity and results are worthy goals, but I want to enjoy the journey more and more, rather than berating myself this time next year for not doing X, Y, and Z.

  • Decision-making: I recently read that successful people make quicker decisions rather than hemming and hawing, because they’re confident in their values. I am confident in mine, so why do I spend 10 minutes trying to choose from a menu, or a week on whether to apply for a certain job? I¬†know what kinds of things I want and enjoy and believe in. I need to work on this.
  • The BIG one:¬†focus on ONE step at a time. Finish what I start.¬†Multi-tasking is great and the sort of prerequisite all employers want on your CV. But let’s be honest. If you can’t fully focus on what’s right in front of you, what good are you at the peripheral tasks, or the ones coming down the pipeline? It’s great to be able to keep track of several things at once, don’t get me wrong. But I think multi-tasking in our culture has become grossly overrated. It’s prompting a whole generation of people with ADD traits, and I’m not using that term loosely because I know people who really struggle with it. Yes, for the sake of doing the best I can at a job, I can keep tabs on 10 different things, but in my personal life, when it comes to writing, painting, cleaning house, organising, reading, etc., I want to be concerned with the one thing God’s put in front of me, and do my best with that before moving on. I can’t do anything with tomorrow’s bread, hence, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

And the more tangible ones:

  • Finish fantasy, polish, CPs
  • Keep working on WF.
  • Blog regularly through the month, when I have books to review, things to say. I don’t want to force myself to a blogging schedule when actually¬†writing stories is what’s most important to me, which brings me to . . .
  • Read 1 writing craft book per month, and review it on this blog.
  • Have at least an outline for next book by the year’s end.
  • Start kickboxing.
  • Run/kickboxing/volleyball/hike 3x per week, no matter where I am and what I’m doing!
  • no Bible, no breakfast (we’ll see… I might have to breakfast¬†while reading).
  • Write with a timer (in 30-minute chunks). This proved super effective during NaNo this year!
  • Unless writing, get off the computer by 9 pm.
  • Write a handwritten card/note to friends & family 3x a month.
  • Complete 12 paintings by the year’s end.

That’s a lot. I could add obvious others like “FINALLY¬†get a job” and “eat more fruit and vegetables”, but I already know I need to do those. Making them a goal for the year seems a bit of a cop-out.

Do you find making lists like this is helpful? Have you ever crossed off EVERY item on your resolutions/goals list? Whether you write down goals or just plan to make the best of each day, I wish you the absolute best for a peaceful, productive, safe, healthy, and amazing year!!

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