Summer’s Not Over!

I’m in denial. It’s supposed to get up to 75 here on Wednesday, so while the calendar may say September (and for #Writemotivation purposes, I’ll acknowledge it ;)), in my heart it’s still summer.

Lovely new path along Loch Shiel in the Scottish Highlands

As for #Writemotivation for August, I kind of bombed. Another last-minute trip to the States happened (for 2 weeks) and then the day after I returned, the Scotsman and I drove up to Scotland for the bank holiday and had an eventful trip. This meant my goals weren’t met, but you better believe I’m going to rock September (I have to, otherwise I may never forgive myself).

So! Without further adieu, my goals for September #Writemotivation are:

1. Finish WIP revisions. I’ve already promised one CP to have this done by this coming Friday. I’m on track with the edits I did today, but am realising I need to cut about 24k MORE. I think I’ve already cut over 30k, but the more I read, the more I hear that adult fantasy should ideally be around 80-90k. I wish there was a definitive answer on this, but as with so many things in publishing, of course there’s not. Some people say 100k is acceptable, but I think it just depends on the agent and then the publisher. Since I don’t have an agent yet, I’m still trying desperately to do everything I can to attract one, and if that means slicing another 20k off my WIP, so be it.

2. Send to CPs. Planning to do this by Saturday.

3. Get back to routine! Did pretty good today, but got a bit more distracted then I’d like.

4. WF x5. Done already! I may even send more. Look out!! I’m on FI-YUHHH…

In other writing news, I received the most encouraging email this past week that lifted my heart out of the dark place it’s been hiding with regards to this for awhile. To me it meant, “Don’t give up.” I think hearing those words every now and then along this journey is like water in the desert. Enough to keep me going.

Hope your September is off to a fantastic start. Enjoy the weather, the outdoors, and whatever goals you have this month 🙂

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