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I currently have 3 completed manuscripts (1 adult fantasy, 2 YA fantasies), 1 published short story, and 1 adult WIP:



A short, published under the name C.L. Campbell, in the FRAGMENTS OF DARKNESS anthology, a collection of spine-tingling NA/YA paranormal and fantasy stories featuring some talented author friends like Jessica Gunn, Pat Esden, and Dorothy Dreyer, and it’s available now.

A trailer I made:

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Hopeful character-driven adult contemporary fantasy for fans of folklore and fantasy tropes turned sideways, Rachel Vincent’s MENAGERIE, Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, and a bit like Eleanor Oliphant beaching on The Witcher’s Continent. Was long-listed for the UK’s Adventures in Fiction 2016 Spotlight competition.

A struggling photographer seeks to silence the male siren whose song has infected her mind, even if it means becoming the scapegoat for his realm’s ruin—and all folklore and human wonder with it.

Luma Grey feared the creature in her head was a symptom of madness, sabotaging her relationships and career, until he does something he’s never done before: sing. Investigating a cure leads Luma from Cornwall to Eidolia, a realm of cryptids far removed from humanity’s scribblings, who once frequented the humanlands. But the wall between realms has been sealed for decades by unknown means, and Luma alone has traversed it, prompting rumors that she’s the start of Eidolia’s end.

Feared and hunted, she befriends a cockatrice whose family is trapped in the humanlands. With his help, she discovers a siren’s song guided her here, but to find said singer and regain control of her mind, Luma must prove she’s no death knell come to trigger their extinction.

Unless, of course, she is.

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YA historical fantasy with a speculative twist (OUTLANDER meets NEVER LET ME GO).

In London’s future, a young historian uncovers the forgotten Underground and flees through it to save her dying commune, only to emerge in 1692, seeking what links her town and this time.

In 2138, on apprentice historian Bryn MacBride’s eighteenth birthday, she finally makes a discovery—maybe even one that will shape her isolated town’s future: an underground door in the ruins. Behind it is an entrance to the forgotten London Underground, buried and contaminated after a magical disaster destroyed the city. After five years of working beside her best friend and mentor Thomas, Bryn’s sure this will secure her a place in the history books. But hours after informing Thomas, Bryn finds their research office burning to the ground, with Thomas inside.

Days before, Thomas had made his own discovery, that their idyllic artisan commune of Cimmersea was built on a dark secret. Desperate to protect the last of Thomas’s work from a council who would silence truth to protect their privileged lifestyle, Bryn flees to the underground, traveling through deserted train tunnels until she emerges outside Cimmersea’s borders. In the year 1692.

Seeking answers among her ancestors in the Scottish Highlands, Bryn must untangle Cimmersea’s sinister link to the past while questioning everything her beloved mentor believed. But the bloody Glencoe Massacre looms, giving Bryn a choice: bring help back to a future that could imprison her, or leave her legacy in a breathtaking past that tempts her to defy all they held sacred.

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YA fantasy for fans of Laini Taylor, Rachel Vincent, and Holly Black.

The bones of buried truth always surface—no matter what you tattoo on top.

A Cornish teen learns her dreams of a succubus are memories of the life she left to become a changeling, in order to fulfill a mission in the humanlands—and now must choose which life to abandon.

18-year-old Elowen has learned to bury her truth, even as she longs for someone to accept it. Every night since childhood, Elowen’s dreamt of the succubus named Storie, whose peaceful race in the realm called Eidolia is nothing like human folklore describes. Having splintered her family with the stress of her troubling disorder, Elowen’s told no one else—not even best friend Brie. But their final seaside summer together is threatened when Elowen learns that the bones of buried truth always surface. After an Eidolian tattoo appears on her scalp, flesh-and-blood Eidol beings emerge around the globe and worldwide panic blooms into violence. Possessing a visible link she can’t explain, Elowen flees her hometown and makes a shocking discovery.

Elowen was Storie. Eighteen years ago she became a changeling, sacrificing her first life to take over a dying human child’s body on a mission vital to Eidolia’s survival. With memories fragmented as an Eidol-human war looms, Elowen must resume Storie’s mission—even if it means risking the only human friend she’s ever had.

WORLD INSIDE A GIRL is 87,000 words, mixing the female friendships and worldbuilding of Laini Taylor with the ambience of THE HAZEL WOOD and mystery of Stranger Things.

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Adult fantasy/space opera, ROMANCING THE STONE in space meets Simon R. Green’s DEATHSTALKER.

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