Fruit flies like a banana.

Calm and tranquil; that’s me right now. Of course. (Red House Lake, Allegany State Park)

Heard the old saying, “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana”? Well, I’m trying desperately NOT to think about the first half of that saying. Time is flying way too fast, and as excited as I am about this weekend and the following few weeks, I’m also trying my hardest to focus on what’s right in front of me.

A banana with lots of fruit flies ready to devour it.

Fruit flies are basically all the little niggling things I “need” to get done before my family arrives for the wedding. The banana? Yeah, that’s my writing goals.

My fellow writers working on their May goals with #writemotivation are not only doing AWESOME and inspiring me every day by how much they’re achieving, they’re also encouraging me. It’s amazing how valuable a short Twitter post can be, from someone I’ve never met. Thank you all for welcoming me and being okay with the fact that my life is busier right this instant than it ever has been before. It will slow down and I’ll have more time to post on your blogs and work on my own goals when this month is through 🙂

As for the check-in, a disclaimer: my family begins to arrive from the USA on Friday this week, so from then on until the start of next month, I’m going to be here, there, and everywhere. So my time to write is short for now, but I’ll do the best I possibly can:

1) Rework few small sections of 1st novel based on recent feedback. Still not touched yet. Must work on this Wednesday. Even just a little, and I’ll feel better.
2) WIP: finish 2nd draft of first 7 chapters. I am on chapter 7 of this rework, so trucking along with this goal.
3) WIP: finish outline. Ha! Haven’t started it.
4) WIP: write 3 more chapters. I haven’t started any new chapters, but in my rework of the first 7, I’ve written a substantial amount of words so I’m not feeling too shabby about this, all things considered. Were this a “normal” month, you know, one in which I wasn’t getting married, well, I’d feel a bit crap. But as it stands, I’m not doing terrible 🙂

I’ll aim to blog again on Thursday night because that’s the bulk of what I can get done this month, though I’ll have check-ins when and if I can around the craziness. Thanks for reading, and keep on writing!

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